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How to Fit a Tuxedo

Finding a good tailor can be a real challenge. Rather than looking up names in the phone book, rely on recommendations and referrals. Ask someone whose taste you trust to recommend a good tailor; after you find one, rely on the following guidelines to help ensure a good fit for your tux. Does this Spark an idea?

Jackets and Waistcoats
1 Make sure the shoulders of the dinner jacket fit so that sleeves fall in a clean, unbroken line from the outer edge of the shoulder, and that the outline of your shoulder muscles cannot be seen.

2 See that the jacket drapes nicely across the chest and over the shoulder blades, offering just enough extra space so that you can lift your arms comfortably without pulling the front of the jacket open or stretching out its back.

3 Check that the tails on your tailcoat line up with the back of your knee.

4 See that the bottom seam of the jacket lines up with the knuckles on your thumbs.

5 Have the jacket sleeves tailored to allow about 1/2 inch of the shirt cuff to be seen.

6 Pay special attention to double vents or side vents on jackets. The flaps made by the vents and slits should stay in place when you put your hands in your pockets.

7 Keep the fit of your waistcoat rather loose, allowing you to sit comfortably.

8 See that the top of the waistcoat has enough material to be seen when your jacket is buttoned and that the back of it is longer than the front, to keep your waistband covered.

9 Make sure the points of your waistcoat are higher than the points of your tailcoat, for white tie and tails.

10 Look down to see that the pleats on your trousers are closed when the tailor is fitting you. And, while you're looking, make sure that the crease of the trousers intersects the middle of both your knee and your shoe.

11 See that the trouser bottom has a slight break in its line when resting on top of the shoe and that it has enough width to cover about 2/3 of the shoe.

Tips & Warnings
Tuxedo pants should not have cuffs.