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How Does the Tuxedo Rental Process Work?

Six months before the wedding the groom must choose a tuxedo rental company to go with. The groom should pick a company that can outfit all of the body types in his wedding party. The company should also offer the tuxedos at an affordable price. Once the groom chooses a company he must register with it. This is a contract to ensure that the company will have all the reserved tuxedos available on the wedding day and that all alterations will be handled in time for the wedding. Reserving a tuxedo company is the same as signing a contract with a DJ or a catering company. You are making sure the tuxedos will not be booked by someone else for your special day.

Choose the Tuxedos
Six months before the wedding the groom should choose the style of tuxedo he is looking for. This can be done at the same time as the registration. The style should have something to do with the colors the bride and groom have picked out for the wedding. You want the bridesmaids and the groomsmen to coordinate. If you have a picture of the bridesmaid dresses you should bring it with you. The tuxedo company owner or his employees should be able to offer you choices based on your preferences and colors.

Set a date six weeks before the wedding to meet at the tuxedo rental company with your groomsmen. Let the company know ahead of time when it can expect you so it can be ready with the appropriate staff to take your measurements. You will also want the ring bearer to come to the fitting. Any groomsmen that live out of town should be measured professionally in their hometown. They can then email you the measurements. Once everyone has been measured and has seen the tuxedo style you chose, you need to reserve the tuxedos. The reserved tuxedos have now been promised to you for your use on the dates listed.

Last-Minute Fitting
A day or two before the wedding you will again need to meet at the tuxedo company with your groomsmen and ring bearer to try on the tuxedos. The staff will carefully go over each member in your wedding party to make sure that the tuxedo is a perfect fit. The staff will be prepared to make any alterations necessary in time for the wedding.

Return the Tuxedo
The tuxedos are returned to the tuxedo company the day after the wedding unless you have made different arrangements. If the groom is leaving right after the reception to go on the honeymoon, someone else should return it for him. There are fees for any tuxedos returned late.